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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

An organization’s mission statement is a declaration of why it exists. A community college’s fundamental reason for existence is postsecondary education. In different times and spaces, a revised statement of that mission should resonate to instill a sense of purpose for the members of the organization. The vision statement of an organization expresses what the organization aspires to become. And values are the principles on which members of an organization base their behavior, decisions, and actions.

Mission Statement

Montgomery College is where students discover their passions and unlock their potential to transform lives, enrich the community, and change the world.

Vision Statement

Montgomery College will serve as the community’s institution of choice to transform the lives of students and Montgomery County.

Values Statement

At our core, we believe in welcoming all students and all employees into a community that emphasizes belonging. We believe in giving every individual what they need to succeed (Equity and Inclusion). We believe in conducting our teaching and service duties with distinction (Excellence) in an ethical and trustworthy manner (Integrity). We are dedicated to being a transformational institution seeking social justice and are continuously updating and improving all our learning environments, the curriculum, and student services (Innovation) to meet the changing needs of our community (Adaptability). We make decisions about our operations in a way that respects and sustains the environment (Sustainability). We conduct ourselves with civility, courtesy, and professionalism in all our interactions (Respect).

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